Dental Health is Whole Health!

Oral health plays a major part of the well being of our furry friends.  Just as with human teeth, naturally occurring plaque, that slimy build-up left from eating, will harden and turn into tartar, also called dental calculus, which builds up on the teeth over time.  The real issue is what happens right at the junction between the teeth and the gums.  As tartar builds up on the teeth, it holds bacteria and plaque against the gums, resulting in inflammation and infection of the gums.  Over time this results in the breakdown of the seal between the teeth and gums, allowing infection to travel along the tooth and eventually compromising the tooth root all the way to the tip of the root far beneath the gumline!  Once compromised, the tooth most often must be extracted leaving Fluffy with one less of those precious pearly whites!

Home dental care plays an important role in keeping teeth and gums healthy. However, just as we do with our own teeth, our pets teeth periodically need a thorough professional cleaning and evaluation of the gum health.

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